Academic Wing was started to lead studies in various areas related to the project.
Experts from social work, human resource management, economics, cultural studies, agriculture, environmental studies and so on have collaborated so far.

Following academics have worked with the Pokkali Academic Wing:

Dr. May Jacob
(Director & Co-founder – Research & Development, Folklogue)

Dr. Joseph M.K.
(Rajagiri College Of Social Science)

Dr. Jose antony 
(Dept, Social work SSUS Kalady)

Dr. Reshma Bharadhwaj
(Dept, Social work SSUS Kalady)

Dr. Liya
(Dept, Economics, St. Theresa’s College Ernakulam)

Dr. Venugopal
(Dept. Intangible Heritage studies , SSUS Kalady)

Dr. Sarun
( Dept. Sociology SSUS Kalady)
Foreign university collaborations Sophia University ( Japan)