Trial farm is a program designed to conduct scientific experiments and studies in order to provide a lasting solution to the various problems associated with production in Pokkali farming. The specificity of crop and region, characteristics of cultivated crop and the problems faced by the peculiarities of the cropping pattern are considered as the basis in project designing.

Located in an area of 1.5 acres, the trial farm produces about 230 kgs of Pokkali. On 26th June 2018 the Trial farm was inaugurated by the block panchayat president along with other local dignitaries. 24th October 2018 the first harvesting was conducted in the presence of national award winning actor and Pokkali proponent Mr. Salim Kumar and other dignitaries.

The agriculture sector needs to be more updated overtime and it is imperative to develop appropriate machineries with the respective sectors. The impediments of a lack of mechanisation has dealt a hard blow to Pokkali farming community. Similarly, attacks by pests, birds and other species are key issues, and it is important to find the best solutions through the implementation of Trial Farm.