The culture of travel has gone through drastic changes in recent times. At the forefront of this transformation is Responsible Tourism. With specific focus on climate change, disaster management, food security, eradication of poverty, preservation of heritage, and creating local economic regeneration, Palliyakkal Service Co-operative Bank has envisaged a comprehensive Responsible Tourism program along with reputed travel and tourism partners.

Some of our RT programs for the area have achieved the following milestones:

1. Walking tours with immersive interactions with the locals in the markets and their homes, have enabled a true lived-in cultural experience.

2. Kayaking tours and bicycling tours that help understand the ecological sensitivities and diversities of the area. Many locals are the guides on these tours, thereby creating alternate means of income generation for many.

3. Local cuisine trails create an opportunity for households and many women run businesses to thrive.

4. Identifying and curating local history for RT has created a sense of community and communal ownership and pride in the area among the locals.

5. Create a more responsive team for disaster management in the face of repeated climate change challenges, and a more responsive organisational leadership in the area.